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The US/UK Exploratory Learning Partnership Project - Building a Field, is an initiate by Columbia College, Chicago
in collaboration with London international Festival of Theatre (LIFT).

Access Space from the outside
Access Space

RTI/Access Space are one of the UK arts organisations who have been chosen, as a host partner, for a visit from US Arts organisations. The visit will take place on 6th/7th and 8th of June at Access Space.

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Users and hosts at Access/RTI joined by our US visitors

RTI/Access Space will be joined by representatives from Artists For Humanity, in Boston and California (Los Angeles)
and Street-Level Youth media from Chicago.

This web site has been set up to:
>>document the visit to RTI/Access Space through text and images
>>offer information about the exchange programs and it's intentions
>>link to the other organisations involves



Artists for Humanity is a veteran youth arts organization based in Boston, Massachusetts. Founded in 1991 by artist Susan Rodgerson and six young artists (in middle school at the time) in a one-room studio, AFH now occupies two floors of a warehouse.
Artists For Humanity's (AFH) mission is to bridge economic, racial and social divisions and restore our urban neighborhoods by using art and the creative process to join young people with the business community.
AFH is interested in sharing its model and creating partnerships in many ways, including assisting in the development of a sister organization, California Artists for Humanity.

Artists For Humanity California attempts to revitalise and restore urban neighborhoods in Los Angeles, at the grassroots level, by joining their young people with the economic life forces-the business community. AFH would also like to develop international partnerships in the UK and Ireland.

STREET-LEVEL YOUTH MEDIA LOGO Street-level Youth Media educates Chicago's inner-city youth in media arts and emerging technologies for use in self-expression, communication and social change. Street-Level's programs build self-esteem and critical thinking skills for urban youth youth who have been historically neglected by policy makers and mass media. Using video production, computer art, and the Internet, Street-Level's young people address community issues, access advanced communication technologies and gain inclusion in our information-base society.



Susan Rodgerson - Artist and entrepreneur, and co-founder Boston Artists for Humanity.
Robert D. Gibbs - Artist and Staff member of Artists for Humanity (AFH), Boston.

Carlos R. Vera - Illustrator and fine artist, and Director of California Artists for Humanity.

Lucia Ramirez Gonzalez -
Undergraduate at De Paul University studying Public Policy & Urban Issues, and Italian. Board Member - Street- level Youth Media, Chicago.

RTI/Access contacts

Director & Founder of RTI/Access James Wallbank
Project Manager &Volunteer Co-ordinator Tamar Millen

General &Financial Administrator Richard Siddall
Organisers & hosts during exchange Vicky Morris & Nick Sambrook

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